Lead Reasons for Racking Collapse

Using the wrong racking for the application, too much of it, not enough or improper use of racking can result in product loss, structure damage, physical injury and even death.  Below are the top reasons racking fails to support and collapses.

  1. Poor storage rack design – unsafe racking manufactured without integrity.
  2. Rack that is not assembled or installed properly
  3. Using the wrong equipment in combination with the racking you have installed.
  4. Operator error
  5. Structural problems with floor or other imperfections in your facility structure

Working with professionals that can help you specify the right racking and get it installed properly can go a long way with ensuring safety and longevity with the storage of your materials. Visit our Racking Solutions Webpage and call us if you can any questions or would like us to help you specify racking for your facility.


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